Every Business Needs to Access Funding and Global Opportunities 

I’m Sodiq. I’m a data-driven business opportunity writer. I have the perfect skill sets to help you craft content to access funding and support for your impactful venture.

They are;

1. Opportunity Research
2. Data Storytelling
3. Business Writing

With these, I will turn your business into a bankable and investment-ready entity that funders can’t wait to empty their bank accounts for. 

Do you have a Business But No Funding Opportunity?

Running a business is hectic and wicked. It’s physically exhausting and mentally draining, particularly when you’re giving value but not getting the desired results.

If you’re a non-profit enterprise, it’s even worse. You’ll find yourself running it with your hard-earned cash.

Truth is, at some point, you’ll need to get funding and support from some local and international organization.

This is the only way to get a cushion and comfortably do what you love; making a sustainable impact.

Are You The Entrepreneur Leaving These Profits On The Table?

You’re doing well. Why shouldn’t you ask for support?

Basically, you should set up document bundles and playbooks that persuade funders to give you money, and resources, and the required leadership and entrepreneurial training to grow your venture.

You Deserve A Data Story Guaranteed To Get Funders To Trust You

Most business writers hardly thread the storytelling approach. They are always too serious. They think funders are robots. Nah! Like you, they’re humans.

I dig deep into funders-research and mission matching to identify the most compelling language to present your business to your funders. 

There are 3 phases to my process

Phase 1:

Funders Research

Identify the money bags through funders’ research and mission matching.

I evaluate the past winners of a particular opportunity and identify their aligned missions. This funders research will establish a baseline for language crafting and key-term focus.

  • Funders and Recent Winners Practices Research and Mapping
  • Review Mining
  • Survey and Interviews

Phase 2

Speak in the tone and language that compel funders to give you money.

The choice of words on your application will determine if your application gets a YES or NO. I use insights and framing from the international community to create a copy that is appealing to your funders.

  • Core brand message
  • Core tone and voice
  • Brand story
  • Mission matching 

Phase 3:

Have a clear roadmap and positioning voice for identified funders

Once we identify a potential funder and have the language figured out, I create an opportunity dashboard to reveal all the approachable funders, their mission, how it aligns with yours and what you stand to get from them.

Writing Services

Business Plan & Grant Proposal
  • Secure funding and support to scale your business
  • Test the feasibility of your business idea

    Have a workable roadmap to run your business
  • Give your new business the best chance of success
  • Make business planning manageable and effective
  • Attract Investors to your business
White Paper & Investment Case
  • Create decision makers’ extremely useful tool for decision making
  • Get funders buy-ins faster than a finger snap
  • Generate more leads for your business
  • Establish your company as an industry leader and influencer 
Content Marketing
  • Attract your ideal client with copy that resonate with them
  • Persuade your visitors with the exact arguments that will convince them
  • Increase your audience retention rate with consistent valuable content
  • Better social media traction and increase your followers

What My Clients Are Saying…

Highly Efficient Copywriter

Sodiq is not only a smart, talented, and highly efficient SEO copywriter, he is also a pleasure to work with simply a lovely human being!

Motivated to do his best possible work every time, he’s incredibly proactive and knows how to dig deep into the content he’s crafting with carefully poised in-advance questions and research.

When you speak to Sodiq about a project or idea, it’s clear he’ll bring all of his energy to the work. He is also highly creative and a true problem solver, assets that every client needs on their team!

I definitely recommend reaching out to Sodiq to see what kind of copywriting magic he can help you create. – Mandy McIntyre ~ Digital Content Creator at Purveyor of GIFs.

Insightful Content Strategist

I met Sodiq on Linkedin a few years back and have always been amazed by his resilience and his perseverance when it comes to achieving his goals.

He is very enterprising and brings forth knowledge that he has gathered with his experiences over the years.

I cherish the advice he gives me with respect to social media and content strategy.

I wish him all the very best – Naheed Khan ~ CEO, Futurwits.