Sodiq Ajala


My name is Sodiq. I’m a Creative Storyteller with background in Educational Management Consulting and Business Analytics. 

I spend most of my time Writing Content & Copy(s) and Designing Instructional materials. And when Ethnographic Research gigs show, I grab the opportunity wholeheartedly.   

On LinkedIn, I write about humans, business, and the “stories” that links both. 

I help online educators to improve their sales and business operations. So, if you’re an edTech startup owner, entrepreneur, author or coach, I’m the tiny piece of your growth puzzle.

Bring me in.

I can help you write

Articles and Blogposts

I write valuable articles and evocative blog posts that connect with your target audience so you can build your professional network and become a thought leader in your industry.


SEO WebCopy

I craft content that nudges your clients to take a specific action. Should you need well-researched content that embodies natural keywords and appear in the simplest yet professional form, I am your go-to writer.


Social Media Content

Word length, tone and demographics, whatever the pointer is, I can help you manage your social media page, either personal or business. I have the tricks to help you grow your brand awareness, generate conversion around your brand, and gather your customers’ pain points.


Marketing Emails

I’ll write emails that your audience will be waiting to read. When they’re scared of opening their bosses email, your email subject would be their delight. I will write you emails that will boost your sales and strengthen your relationship with your customers.


Lead Magnet

Okay. You want to collect your audience emails so you can consistently nurture them with valuable content until they swipe their cards to your advantage, I can help you create the lead magnet. This could be a Checklist, Simple Tips Sheet, Ebooks or Quiz.


Opportunity Proposals

To access global opportunities like grants, and all expense paid scholarship opportunities, fellowships, trainings and conferences, you need data storytelling and copywriting. Hello, that’s my core. I can help you stay atop the funders and reviewers mind until they hand you that support.



Do you want to establish thought leadership and credibility in your core? And you need guidance with the strategic communication. I can help you with that too.