11 Best Edtech Tools for Teachers in 2021

11 Best Edtech Tools for Teachers in 2021
EdTech Tools for Teachers

“We are humans too,” a teacher mentioned, “we should be treated as one.” In her detailed talk: she emphasized that there should be tools to help teachers succeed in their jobs and personal lives. She was referring to edTech tools for teachers.

And true, there should be tools to help teachers manage their time, mental and physical health, emotions, and creativity, and help them make more money.

For example, you should be able to access free teaching tools to save time or get tools to manage their finance.

In this post, I will show you the 11 Best edTech tools for teachers in 2021.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is a collaborative whiteboard app that lets you teach and learn remotely. It’s supporting millions of teachers and students to express themselves better through the design, animation, and narration of lessons, tutorials, assessments, etc. 

It allows you to create or highlight texts, import documents such as images, videos, and graphs into your whiteboard. It is a robust tool of a whiteboard for remote teaching. 


11 Best Edtech Tools for Teachers in 2021

Edmodo allows teachers to coordinate a better learning experience fuelled with togetherness. It allows you to manage your classroom as well as engage your students in an environment where you send messages, share classroom resources. 

This educational platform integrates with a social network, and lets teachers create online collaborative groups, engage in a physical classroom-type experience online by administering resources and materials to students, assess them, and interacting with parents. 


11 Best Edtech Tools for Teachers in 2021

Twinkl is an educational publishing platform that houses content creators to remove the bottlenecks of classroom planning for teachers. It has experienced and passionate teachers create lesson plans, activity sheets, and teaching tools that teachers can download and use for classroom teaching.

This tool also provides interactive educational games for students and it’s filled with exciting augmented reality collections for high-quality learning.


11 Best Edtech Tools for Teachers in 2021

EdApp was co-created with UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research) to increase access to impactful educational content to people around the world. 

It is an authoring tool that seamlessly allows educators to create content and learners learn vital skills in a wide range of topics. It has an innovative and powerful assessment platform whose metrics trigger excellence.


11 Best Edtech Tools for Teachers in 2021

Socrative is branded as the classroom app for fun, effective engagement, and on-the-fly assessments. It allows you to visualize your student’s understanding in a easy way. It has a quiz and grade feature that speeds up learning.

Also, it provides immediate feedback for learners’ learning process and provides an efficient way to track and evaluate learning. In turn, this saves time as it instills fun in instructional delivery and boosts interactions for learners.


11 Best Edtech Tools for Teachers in 2021

An online collaborative mind mapping platform, MindMeister is a versatile and easy to use application that lets you gather your thoughts and ideas coherently and clearly. 

Teachers should use this tool to unleash and coordinate their creativity. And they should guide students to use it to collaborate instantaneously with their peers as you explain critical concepts, and lets them co-work on projects. 


11 Best Edtech Tools for Teachers in 2021

Thinglink helps you breathe life into your content. It allows you to easily create visuals and virtual tours to solidify your students understanding. It also empowers them to work on projects and assignments by infusing multimedia such as text, voice, photos, and video.  

The fun part is that they can share their works on social media networks and other websites. This platform permits teachers to create a learning experience that kindles students’ curiosity using the power of visuals.


11 Best Edtech Tools for Teachers in 2021

Teachable allows you to create online courses and coaching business by transforming your knowledge into a business.  It is a one stop shop that lets you customize, curate and personalize your content for different learner types.

It brings ease for the non-tech savvy professional to have online teaching engagement using a simple plug and play features.


11 Best Edtech Tools for Teachers in 2021

This digital portfolio platform allows students to capture their works through the use of multimedia file formats like photos, video and audio. And they can showcase the work with their peers. It creates a psychological trigger of authorship as students view that published works. This creates ease for teachers who are able to conveniently provide feedback and moderate sessions. 

This platform allows students to reflect on their teachers’ contribution thereby giving them a chance to learn, and it allows interaction with parents so they can be a part of their children’s learning process.


11 Best Edtech Tools for Teachers in 2021

Kahoot induces fun into learning by allowing teachers to create learning games for their students. It builds a spirit of togetherness as it allows students to learn by answering questions and share remotely.

Teachers use this tool to refresh students’ understanding, add the strength of competition and energy to the classroom activity. 


11 Best Edtech Tools for Teachers in 2021

Canva is an easy to use graphics design application. It comes with a variety of professionally designed templates for any design you can imagine. And it is completely free for teachers and students.

It builds collaboration and and creativity into drag and drop so you can bring visual learning and communication to life. Should it be a classroom activity worksheet, posters or presentation, Canva gives you the freedom to bring any idea into reality. 


Having the right tools makes a teacher’s work easy. Now you have the tools that will help you create a seamless learning experience for your students. However, if you look deeply, you’ll realize that you can leverage these tools to increase your income and boost your credibility.

By Sodiq

Sodiq Ajala (@iam_1sodiq) is a former classroom teacher and educational management consultant who now spends his days helping educational stakeholders create edTech solutions. As a freelance writer, he documents his work process to teach organizations how to embrace digital transformation, and his publications in Huffington Post, Tweak Your Business, eLearning Industry, etc, has helped over 20,000 people. Check out his email course, Digitalize it Yourself, and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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