5 Attitudes to Grow Valuable Networks on LinkedIn

Being human is not limited to physical interaction

5 Attitudes to Grow Valuable Networks on LinkedIn

In your journey to building a professional and personal brand, it is a must that you interact with like-minded people if you want to reap fruitfully in your branding goal. Should you aim to drive more sales, get exclusive opportunities and make big-time connections, LinkedIn is your perfect platform.

Aside from the extensive job listings, professional engagement and expertise showcase that happens on Linkedin, the platform serves as a hub for business to business (B2B) interaction and offers you online synopsis in a way never been done before.

According to Make a Website Hub, LinkedIn has 660 million users and about 303 million active monthly users. The platform house about 47 million millionaires and a vast majority of fortune 500 companies take advantage of it. With these stats, it will be a futile debate to discuss that Linkedin is not the best place for all professionals to tap into for their personal and business growth.

In this post, I want to share with you the 5 attitudes to grow valuable networks on Linkedin.

Let’s dive in.

1. Show you care

To build a list of valuable networks, you’ve to show people that you care. You must care about people before you expect them to care about you. You can show that you care on LinkedIn by respecting people’s time and privacy.

Your connections will believe you are caring when you consistently share posts that add value to people, not the type that people scroll pass with a hiss because it makes no meaning to them.

By engaging with other people’s posts, sharing your opinions about the subject matter and constantly encouraging others with motivational tips is a good way to keep up with care.

2. Show your integrity

Having strong moral principles and uprightness is a must on Linkedin. You’re in the midst of millions of people from every part of the world. Keeping your words and exhibiting an excellent reputation is what makes you build quality connections.

It’s also important you pay attention to your environment, study the way people interact, learn the words they use and take responsibility for your mistakes. Though online, you should realize that you’re dealing with humans from other places. So be human.

Don’t be ashamed of being vulnerable, everyone is there to help and support each other.

3. Be consistent

Linkedin only has an edge over other social networks because it’s a home for many professionals and companies. Though it can be a workplace for many, keeping up on the platform when you’ve other offline commitments can be a task.

Being consistent is important on the platform, particularly if you give value to people. Don’t be surprised that your connections will be waiting for your next post.

You can be consistent by creating a bank of posts, don’t limit yourself to writing issues related to your field, let your connections know that you’re a human with feelings too. Tell personal stories of success, failures, and pains. This will boost your emotional connection with your networks.

4. Be supportive

Support others.

This single act makes more influencers than any other. Who wouldn’t appreciate those who are supportive of them? Particularly when they are in need.

Helping job seekers get their dream job and young professionals to reach their goals of career advancement by developing their skills or providing tips for them is a hard- to- find good that helps you build valuable networks on Linkedin.

5. Reach out to people

Don’t think people will reach out to you because you’re providing them with value. Not everyone cares. Let down your ego by reaching out to other connections.

Knowing how to write an effective message is key to helping you gain valuable connections. You can achieve this by doing a quick but detailed research about the connection you want to message. Know about them, find a point of interest then craft a short but meaningful subject line.

Avoid sending messages like “hi” or “hello” without passing any meaningful message. Be concise and straightforward when you send messages. You should make your recipient feel special about your message.


To grow valuable networks on Linkedin, you’ve to show that you care by respecting people’s time and privacy.

You should exhibit integrity and honesty with the people you’re interacting with. In your posts and comments, it is important you display your true self.

Also, you’ve to be consistent and be supportive of the community.

Doing these will present you with valuable networks that can help you to pull great business opportunities, jobs, and offline friendships that will make you successful.

By Sodiq

Sodiq Ajala (@iam_1sodiq) is a former classroom teacher and educational management consultant who now spends his days helping educational stakeholders create edTech solutions. As a freelance writer, he documents his work process to teach organizations how to embrace digital transformation, and his publications in Huffington Post, Tweak Your Business, eLearning Industry, etc, has helped over 20,000 people. Check out his email course, Digitalize it Yourself, and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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