A Well Crafted Business Document Shines the Impact Light On Your Ideas And Compels Funders to Trust You With Their Money.

I’m Sodiq Ajala.

I’m the voice behind this website.

Nice to meet you!

Sodiq Ajala

A Certified Content Writer With A Management Consulting and Business Analytics Background

What Kind Of Clients Do I Work With?‍

I primarily work with entrepreneurs in the non-profits and for-profit sectors to access local and global funding and support.

My process can be summed up in 3 phases.

Phase 1:

Identify the money bags through the funder’s research.

Phase 2:

Create a clear roadmap and positioning voice for identified funders

Phase 3:

Speak in the tone and language that compels funders to give you the money

What Do Next Steps Look Like?

You have two options.

1. Got more questions for me? Send me an inquiry here.

2. Want to work with me? Put time on my calendar for a positioning or funding audit call by clicking this link.

If you’re looking to partner with me to work on another project entirely or co-create premium content, hit me up here.