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I’m Sodiq – a Content Strategists and SEO Copywriter. I help SaaS and edTech brands to create content that delivers specific results.

Here, I share content about Digital Transformation in Education. Talk policy, process, practice, people, product, and partnership – The 6Ps, I’m your plug.

I spent 6 years as a Classroom teacher. And another 3+ years in an Educational management consulting firm, as a Research Lead.

On LinkedIn, I write about simple life lessons like this and this.

I was a freelance contributor to the Huffington Post, Engadget, Thrive Global, and Youth Entrepreneur. Now, I write on Medium, HubPages, and Substack.

At PristineCopyShop, I help SaaS and EdTech Brands solve their sales and marketing problems using well-crafted SEO copy to deliver targeted results.

Focus Markets: SaaS, B2B, B2C, Education, Technology, and People Development.

At Utiva, I spot, initiate, and maintain opportunistic conversations with investors, partners, and clients to scale our impact.

If you’re looking to partner with me to work on a content project or co-create premium content, head over to my work with me page and let’s talk.