Copywriting: Expectations Vs Reality.

“This is disappointing. I wasn’t expecting it.”

She screamed as she pounded her fists down on the table. Her money was hanging on escrow.

She never recovered it.

My first lesson as a freelancer: always set expectations off the bat.

The client’s expectations and what I’m providing have to be in sync. I dislike when cash floats.

As a copywriter, here’s a list of what your clients naturally expects.

Copywriting: Expectations vs. Reality

  1. SEO Understanding

There is no point in writing a great copy if no one will read it. You need to understand your ranking factor so your audience can find you on Google. Begin by understanding your user intent and doing keyword research. With strategic placement of your keywords and link inclusion, you’ll get your content to the eyes of those who need it.

  1. Write for multiple platforms

Don’t be the copywriter that focuses on one platform. You still need to be able to craft that sharp copy irrespective of the number of words. So, be it the short pitchy social media nuggets or the long-form, researched-backed, visually engaging content deliver all of it well.

Your customers expect this from you.

Don’t be carried away. Think less than having these will make the encounter easy. No. But it’ll be better.

Here’s what you should expect from other parties.

  1. Clients may undermine your value.

Defend it.

Sometimes, clients undermine the value of exceptional writing and editing. Particularly when the deliverables are quick. Have a strategy in place you so that you can steer clear of this type of client. Better put, have a process to make them willing to pay for the value you’re putting in.

  1. Not all editors will understand you.

Only if an organization has a specific editor by industry. Otherwise, you might get unclear rewrites if your editor doesn’t understand your viewpoints. In short, don’t be too annoyed when someone trims your content. Be empathetic enough to discuss it thoroughly.

The process isn’t always balanced.

Expectation and Reality? Not always.

But time could fix the process.

By Sodiq

Sodiq Ajala (@iam_1sodiq) is a former classroom teacher and educational management consultant who now spends his days helping educational stakeholders create edTech solutions. As a freelance writer, he documents his work process to teach organizations how to embrace digital transformation, and his publications in Huffington Post, Tweak Your Business, eLearning Industry, etc, has helped over 20,000 people. Check out his email course, Digitalize it Yourself, and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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