How to Grow your Business with Content Marketing

How to Grow your Business with Content Marketing

Content marketing is inexpensive, effective, and drives positive results. It writes your business in the hearts of the internet by boosting it for SEO and increased traffic.

And it never gets weak – if your content is relevant, you’ll always be up when your customers need you. Till thy kingdom come.

So, how do you grow your business with content marketing? You should:

Clearly articulate your vision: If you don’t write it down, you’re likely to miss out on what you intend to achieve. Write it down, say: I want to use content marketing to get high-quality leads. Having this in mind checks if you’re doing it right or not.

Know your audience: By demography, paint your imaginary lead and write for them. This will guide your language, tone, and will help you connect with their emotions. Hang out where your target audience is and study their interaction. This will give you an understanding of what will trigger their emotions.

Create content: Don’t rent a platform. Get yours. Blogging is an integral part of content marketing. Create the content on your blog and Ensure that the posts provide valuable, actionable insight.    

Distribution: Share your where your target audience resides. Collect email addresses, and if you mention an influencer on your posts. Share your content with them so they in turn share with their audience. That will give you more reach.

By Sodiq

Sodiq Ajala (@iam_1sodiq) is a former classroom teacher and educational management consultant who now spends his days helping educational stakeholders create edTech solutions. As a freelance writer, he documents his work process to teach organizations how to embrace digital transformation, and his publications in Huffington Post, Tweak Your Business, eLearning Industry, etc, has helped over 20,000 people. Check out his email course, Digitalize it Yourself, and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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