Over the years, I’ve worked on several academic and non-academic research projects. Some of which are, sadly, lost in the clouds and I can’t lay my hands on them now.

But here are they,

  1. Sponsored by the Open Contracting Partnership and the School of Media and Communications, Lagos Business School, I researched and told a data story about the Scourge of Uncompleted schools in Lagos State, and the solution for housing in the State.
  2. Comparative Analysis of Locally produced Interlocking tiles | Academic project for my degree in Mechanical Engineering
  3. Impact of Digital Media and Technology on the Logistics on Broadcasting Houses in Kwara State. | Academic Project for a postgraduate diploma in computer science.
  4. Perception and Readiness of Secondary School Students on ICT Applications in Ilorin South Local Government. | Academic Project for a postgraduate in Education

a. Assessment of the impact of sustainable development goals on the development of primary education in Nigeria.

b. Fund management strategies and effecting administration of Secondary schools. (A case study of…..)

c. The impact of development education and education for sustainable development intervention

d. Educational management and internet Development for sustainable development of Nigeria

a, b, c, and d, are the proposed projects for my M.Ed in Education Management.