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The First Step in Content Creation

The First Step in Content Creation

“Will you keep sitting down there until…?” Aish asked, “or you’ll give it a break.”

I ignored her. Trying to concentrate on my thoughts.

I’ve been thinking. And staring at the screen for almost 1 hour. 

I wanted to create content but don’t know what to write about. Like it happened when I was creating media in the classroom.

“Why not write about not knowing what to write.” she interrupted. Again.

Ah! Goldmine. That’s more like it. 

The first step in content creation is to start with a letter. Any letter.


The first step is knowing what you want to write about.

As freely as ideas are. They are sometimes hard to crack.

Next time you find yourself rabbling on what content to create, knock this door, or open this.

Those nuggets will point you to your first research. Which is the second step.

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