I have worked with businesses of all sizes, from household names and national companies to local businesses. I work across all industries and business types, too, including but not limited to B2B, B2C, eCommerce, lead generation, and more.

As a leading Lagos-based technical SEO consultant, you will receive bespoke service.

I won’t just sell you on search engine optimization. I take time to not only improve your organic search performance through a variety of technical SEO and skillful methods, but I also make it a priority to understand how your business operates and the industry you work in.

This way, not only can we achieve your objectives, but we can add real brand value, help you stay ahead of the competition, and work towards your overall business KPIs.

Using a freelance SEO consultant such as myself, you get stellar service at a smaller cost vs the many SEO agencies within the area.

Available SEO Services

Each website has different needs and challenges, so no two strategies or SEO services are the same.

The leading solutions I offer as part of my SEO consultancy services include:

Technical SEO website audits
Roadmap and strategy planning
Crawl stats analysis
Logfile analysis
Local SEO optimisation and management
Competitor analysis

Keyword research
Keyword gap analysis
Technical SEO monitoring
Landing page development
Core Web Vitals analysis
Custom SEO campaigns

Whatever you’re looking for, I will be able to help.

For instance, you may have well-written and high-quality content, meaning that we need to look at building strong backlinks. If you have little content on your site, then we’ll look at content marketing, copywriting, and keyword research so we can ensure your website is targeting the right search terms.

If you are a local business, then we’ll look at ensuring you are targeting local terms and show up in local search. We may even end up with a combination of these strategies in order to improve your website rankings.

Whatever route we go down, I will ensure you understand the process and the work involved at every step of your bespoke SEO strategy.

What Does SEO Consultancy Look Like?

SEO Consultancy is typically a lot more flexible than what an SEO agency can offer. All of the options I offer are bespoke, but at their core, it will depend on:

  1. Your budget,
  2. Historical work on your website
  3. Where your issues lie.

Projects typically start with a technical SEO audit to outline issues and opportunities. Based on this and my other learnings from research and conversations with you, I will develop a strategy and roadmap.

This strategy will depend on your budget and what we both agree are the priorities and KPIs. Together we can create a long-term, cost-effective solution that works for you and your business.

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