Content Creation Betters with Consistency

content creation

Communication, heart-to-heart, is a way people get buy-ins, influence others and cause them to take action. Verbal, and non-verbal including writing, and visual communication triggers many valuable actions. About writing, many people but only a few make money writing, even as much as it still remains a solid form of value exchange. There’s hardly a brand, as a person or business that doesn’t create demand by driving a conversation.

The internet and its constant evolvement continue to give power to content creators, and though AI is trendy, it doesn’t eliminate the need for quality write-ups. But quality pieces are scarce, and this is because many “wannabe” writers lack the strength to keep writing, and improving, until they write the piece that blows up. The Kyoto Linguist writes, “I would say there are two things we need to do on a regular basis: 1) Read good writing by other people. 2) Practice writing and get constructive feedback. When you read something that is well-written, it works on your brain like osmosis, subconsciously adding to your cerebral archives of snappy phrases, clever idioms and coherent structure.”

With content creation entirely, you have to continue learning from people who do it well and keep practising. Content creation betters with consistency, and consistency drives home the value you’re looking for in return.


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