Website Migration

Websites undergo numerous changes, and there are several reasons for website migration. eCommerce websites may migrate to another platform, such as changing domains or platforms, to allow for greater flexibility in their product offering.

Customized Website Migration Assistance

Magento, Shopify, and WordPress are some of the most popular platforms, but there are many more CMS solutions available.

I worked on numerous website migrations and even SEO recoveries. I see far too many post-migration issues as a result of SEO either not being involved in the migration process or only becoming involved after the migration has already occurred. The damage may already be done at this point.

As a technical SEO consultant, I can assist your company with website migration by providing URL mapping as well as core pre-and post-launch checks to ensure the migration is handled properly.

It should be noted that the redirect mapping would require approval before being implemented.

As needed, I can collaborate with you and your development team to support your company during this transition.

Most businesses do not want to lose organic traffic, and by working together, we can ensure that this does not happen. SEO recovery is possible, but it is preferable if it is not required in the first place.

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