Sodiq Ajala

Hi, I’m Sodiq.

I’m a Website Mechanic

I help businesses improve their site user experience & increase sales rates by providing you with extensive site audits, actionable insights, & SEO page analysis, forecasting & reporting. I’m very skilled in Website Auditing, Content Marketing, Copywriting, Data Analytics, and SEO keyword research.

I am also an SEO trainer and speaker who story tell difficult technical concepts into quick-to-grasp relatable pieces.

On LinkedIn, I tell stories about content, growth techniques, and anything impactful. I write about emerging technological trends at Tech With Africa, and about eLearning development and instructional design at Pristine SACC Foundation.

🌱 What People Are Saying

πŸ₯‡ Sodiq is a creative, insightful marketing professional. He is a talented storyteller that inspires others to imagine success and dream big. Sodiq was a Guest Speaker in my Entrepreneurship Class at George Brown College who shared his own entrepreneurship journey with enthusiasm and confidence. The students appreciated his positive energy and expertise and enjoyed the Q&A session with him It is an honor to know such an entrepreneur who is dedicated to making a difference with his clients, employee, and community.

Dr. Mary Grogan – Educator, Coach & Author.

πŸ₯‡ Sodiq is not only a smart, talented, and highly efficient SEO copywriter, he is also a pleasure to work with — simply a lovely human being! Motivated to do his best possible work every time, he’s incredibly proactive and knows how to dig deep into the content he’s crafting with carefully poised in advance questions and research.

When you speak to Sodiq about a project or idea, it’s clear he’ll bring all of his energy to the work. He is also highly creative and a true problem solver, assets that every client needs on their team!

I definitely recommend reaching out to Sodiq to see what kind of copywriting magic he can help you create.

– Mandy McIntyre – Communicator & Storyteller

πŸ₯‡ I met Sodiq on Linkedin a few years back and have always been amazed at his resilience and his perseverance when it comes to achieving his goals.

He is very enterprising and brings forth knowledge that he has gathered from his experiences over the years.

I cherish the advice he gives me with respect to social media and content strategy:

I wish him all the very best…

– Naheed Khan – Award-winning transformation coach.

Let’s improve your website user experience.