2022 in Foresight

Truth is that I’ve always lived my life on what comes.  In my part of the world, planning doesn’t work if the basic living resources are absent.  It’s important to see beyond the present if it isn’t secured. To me, learning a skill, switching jobs, relocating to another city, and starting a company, are simply… Continue reading 2022 in Foresight

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6 Qualities of Successful Online Entrepreneurs

(Lessons from 12 years of friendship with Hafiz Akinde, an Award-winning Writer, Content Strategist, Author, and Tech Startup Founder) Someone taught me the business of writing. He taught many others too. Today, many of his students conveniently earn six figures doing what they love: Writing.  I’m still working towards that anyway. And I’m humble. Who… Continue reading 6 Qualities of Successful Online Entrepreneurs

Accidental Growth

I’ve decided on the topic, “Accidental Growth “ before I saw this quote: “Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident.” and it perfectly fits. So there are no accidents. Just happy mistakes. In my life, I never knew what I wanted to do. I was just fueled by the motherly lustre that’s all… Continue reading Accidental Growth