How Like Clean Services Group Can Easily Scale their Franchise Model


It can be very annoying when a business is doing everything in its power to achieve results. Yet, the result isn’t anywhere near. Like Clean Services Group has established such expertise and credibility that its customer base grows into the waitlist i.e customers wait turns to get its services. 

It is a family-owned and operated business that takes pride in its reputation as a company and community to service commercial and domestic buildings by utilizing proven best practices and innovative green cleaning processes. 

Their friendly, and experienced cleaners are background-checked and fully insured and go to clients fully equipped with premium, eco-friendly supplies. 

Due to their large number of customers, Like Clean Services Group decided to run a franchise model so that ​​other individuals or groups are enabled to carry out specified commercial activities under their brand name.

As part of the strategy to achieve this, Like Clean Services Group needs to rank for the keyword “Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Services in Australia” and other related keywords. 

But as much as it’s trying, its website isn’t even ranking on the first page of Google SERPs not to talk of the first five positions, yet, its competitors are achieving just that. 

This case study will identify some growth strategies that Like Clean Services Group can easily implement.

First, here are some low-hanging and high-impact recommendations that they can leverage now. 

Like Clean Services Considered Every Ranking Options

The website service page lists all their services as shown below, for example, End of Lease Cleaning Adelaide and Domestic Cleaning Adelaide. This is done so that they can rank for that and related keywords.

However, it would have been great, if those items are left without the term “Adelaide” in them, this will enable anyone searching for those terms (without including Adelaide) to likely come across the website. 

Besides, it already has a page labeled cities where it repeats similar services and other specific ones with specific cities. For example, when you hover your mouse on “Sydney,” it displays the following, “End of Lease Cleaning Sydney,” etc. 

It could have included “Adelaide” in this “cities page”. That way, the website will stand the chance of relevance both with the keywords + cities, and the keywords alone. This can be done by having a page titled, “End of Lease Cleaning Adelaide,” etc.

Optimize the Gallery Page

The website has a gallery page with pictures only. 

And some of these pictures have missing alt texts and attributes. Instead of just slapping pictures on the pages, it would have improved the user experience if the images has a before and after feel to show how the property was before and after the team does the cleaning. 

Also, they can have two or three paragraphs of explanation supporting each image pair to put context and target relevant keywords.

Also, the website has a testimonial page which is quite unusual for a standard website. Instead, have a few of these testimonials on the homepage, and invest efforts in getting reviews to boost your local SEO strategy. You can achieve this by giving a discount to repeated clients if they give you excellent reviews. 

On the contact us page, the steps signup process could seem overwhelming to a new visitor. For instance, the “STEP 1: Call us, get a FREE quote and book a term” is not clear enough. A new visitor will rather ask, “Call which number?”, rather, have the numbers written boldly on this page, and ask new visitors to call. 

When they call, you can mention steps two and three to them. That will take out barriers for new visitors.

On a deeper level, one can easily argue that the “cleaning” industry in Australia is highly competitive, just by the number of companies paying for Google ads. However, with a solid content marketing and strategy, any company can easily rank for these keywords without stress, plus the ROI is better. 

Like Clean Services Group-Google-Ads
Like Clean Services Group-Google-Ads

From research, it showed that the team at Like Clean Services Group wanted to rank for keywords like, “Domestic Cleaning in Adelaide,” “Office Cleaning in Perth”, etc.  

Meanwhile, they should be focusing on ranking for Australia-wide keywords since they’re now using the franchise model so that they can service clients from any part of Australia. 

As much as this is done, yet, the website fails to rank, as you can see in the images below. 

Like Clean Services website is technically solid

From a technical point of view, the Like Clean Services website is in excellent technical standing. The robots.txt, sitemaps, canonicals, URLs, and status codes are fine. 

Just a few content-related errors, from the image below, you’ll notice that there are no meta descriptions for about 65 indexed pages. And without better descriptions, it will be difficult for Google to show relevant content to users.


Also, another 206 pages lack meta keywords. It will be sound to fix these description problems and see the pages soar high on the Google search results page.


Opportunities Untapped by Like Clean Services Group

Also very important, it’s funny to see that as much as Like Clean Services Group has their brand name to leverage on, they aren’t doing anything to leverage it.

Branded Vs Non-Branded Traffic

More than 81% of their traffic comes from non-branded content, which means that they are getting success from brand awareness. However, for customer retention and loyalty, it’s best to create more content that targets their brand name.  

This way, it will be easier for new customers to find them when through loyal customers’ word of mouth marketing. 


Their top organic keywords are commercially inclined, almost 60% of it. Instead, have a leveling informational content that comes in form of “long-tail keywords” and is easy to rank.


Thanks to Semrush keyword gap analysis, this competitive analysis showed that Like Clean Group Services Group has over 12,000 keyword opportunities to leverage for growth. So the marketing team should begin to create content specifically targeting these keywords.



Like Clean Services Group could achieve their aim of ranking first on the Google SERPs for the cleaning business terms in Australia if they pay careful attention to the opportunity gaps mentioned above, and they look outwards to provide services for Australia as a whole, while they drill down by states where they have their franchise partners, this way, they will improve the brand awareness and conversion for them and partners.

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