Sodiq B. Ajala, M.Ed.

Hello, I’m the teacher who took the path less travelled to become a content and tech SEO expert, and I’m fortunate to still make a difference in education.

Welcome to my space.

In this blog, I share my entire journey of breaking into the mainstream content and technical SEO environment and adapting to its never-ending changes. And of course, I document my journey as a non-profit management specialist too.

This blog is only for one thing: 

This is an About page, so read on about me.

My career began as a K-12 ICT teacher, and my role in higher education opened new doors and skills including communications, creating partnerships, report writing, instructional design, education marketing, and content management.

From the classroom, I transitioned into educational management consulting, working as a research associate in a company providing quality education for children in low-income communities.

Today, I help non-profit organisations generate revenue by effectively communicating and showing up just where their donor sits. And I’m directing programs at Pristine SACC Education and Technology Initiative, a non-profit outlet that encourages global citizenship for everyone.

Past projects:

I have built and optimised numerous WordPress, and Webflow websites for SEO, worked on several data analytics projects, featured in the advocacy and implementation of many high-level projects, and helped B2B SaaS companies with their overall content marketing strategy.

Social projects:

I’m a partner at Tech With Africa, a tech news and data storytelling platform localising technology news of Africans. Also, I’m an Advisor at BrainStack Academy, a content marketing fellowship for African youth.

I advise at CrawlificSEO. A technical SEO consulting outlet that helps put your brand in your target audience’s minds.

How I can add value to you:

‣ Content Creation
‣ Community Building
‣ Consultancy

Work with me:

[email protected]

Podcast Appearances:

‣ Discussed “Why New Digital Marketers Should Build A Personal Website” with Mordy Oberstein of WIX.

‣ Discussed “Five mistakes that rule websites out of Google’s Knowledge Graph” with Jack Chamber of Candour.

‣ Discussed “Advanced use of Google Search Console” with Kate Toons of Stay Tooned Inc.

Proud of/s:

‣ At Second Eclipse, I implemented technical SEO strategies, and successfully paved the way for other Nigerian experts to join the company. I also got promoted to work on migration-focused projects as we kept onboarding new clients.