2022 in Foresight


Truth is that I’ve always lived my life on what comes. 

In my part of the world, planning doesn’t work if the basic living resources are absent. 

It’s important to see beyond the present if it isn’t secured.

To me, learning a skill, switching jobs, relocating to another city, and starting a company, are simply what came and I did it.

For instance, before I was fired, I had gotten a job but didn’t want to resign from my job, though, I was not satisfied. But I felt I should give my employer some time if he would change.

Instead, he helped me leave his job. Immediately, I joined another train.

And when I left that too, I didn’t plan it. 

The company wanted me to relocate to the city I’d recently left and I didn’t want to, so I left.

Right then, I started my own company.

Late last year, I began to think about setting goals.

Not because they’d happen by default, but because they keep you busy – when another focus tends to slow down.

This year alone, my goals have helped me overcome boredom and stress.

Yours could help you become better too.

I’m sharing this piece because I want you to know my top three goals this year, how I’m going to approach them, and encourage you to do the same.

My top 3 goals for 2022

  • Complete my MSc in Educational Management
  • Travel international
  • Win a fellowship, scholarship, or all-expense-paid trip or earn an international certificate

MSc in Educational Management

Recently, I got admitted into the program at the Al-Hikmah University Ilorin. I completed my post-graduate diploma in education at that university and I loved the ethics and professionalism that the faculties displayed. Also, the student lecturer relationship wowed me.

Lectures have started and I’m excited to be about to juggle attending classes with my busy schedules as an entrepreneur. The fun fact is that I’ve also started working on my project topics, only awaiting my supervisor for approval and I can kick off real fast.

Travel International

Thanks to my experience in research and management consulting, I’ve traveled to many parts of Nigeria to conduct research works. Every time I fly, the feeling is always surreal and bolding. I have a goal to travel internationally this year – where? Most likely Europe. My world map revealed that countries are stringed together in that part of the world, so, I want to tour Italy, Spain, France, Belgium and Netherland, Haarlem precisely. The cycling there had been on my mind for weeks now.

Win a fellowship, scholarship, or an all-expense trip | or earn an international certificate

Many times, fellowship, scholarships, etc are to support existing work in a particular field. For me as an educationist, you’ve started a great deal of work with Pristine SACC, but not strong enough to pitch for support.

However, for organizations that are ready to support early-stage initiatives, I am sure that we’d key into the idea. And likely get into the support.

What’s the approach?

So, reading my top 3 goals for 2022. You’d ask yourself how would this be possible.

Like you, I know that nothing is achievable without a good strategy.

For instance, before I got the MSc admission, I told a friend who’s already a student there to keep me in touch with activities happening in school. I would remind him whenever we meet.

On one of those occasions, he put a call across to someone in the ICT office and he was told that the application is on. He sent the application link to me later that day.

I applied and was invited for the exam. Prior to that, I had figured out four social issues that I’d like to solve. They are all related to Finance and Management. 

Now, I’m only coursework and project away from achieving that goal. Little strategic plans work, you know?

For my international travels, I’ve got my international passport and doing a lot of readings about the countries I’d like to visit and how I’m going about it. I’ve started asking friends and families I know to live in those countries for the most cost-effective routes.

Steps towards achieving your goals

  1. Write your goal down 
  2. Break your goals into achievable bits
  3. Review your goals
  4. Take action.

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