My Tech SEO journey: How it started Vs How it’s going

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I was a 15-year-old Engineering student with a vision to be different. I didn’t like the regular work in the oil industry thing that many of my classmates wanted to end up doing.

Though I didn’t want to be like them, I didn’t know what I wanted to be either.

But I knew that to get to where I’m going, I have to keep moving, either in the right or wrong direction. So I opted for what comes easily to me: Writing.

And I was doing it for the fun of expression. One day, a friend read my poetry on the noticeboard, he loved it. When we met, he told me about how he felt I could do well-writing codes.

He said my crisp, soothing poetic arrangements could be lines of programming codes. And when he told me about the prospects of programming, I clung to it.

I learned HTML, Java, C#, and VB.

One day I thought that programming evolved and that computers wouldn’t take my job as a programmer. I was convinced that creativity isn’t much required for a web developer, and I’m a very creative person.

So, I pulled out of the programming world to weave words together even if it will never earn me a living.

I was wrong, I didn’t think that I could be creative in writing codes to solve problems too, I thought about this when I’m long gone in the writing space. Making money writing.

Fast forward to today, I enjoyed writing a lot. And the skills I have picked along the way were still very useful in my journey.

But I want my technical luster to shine too because I understand the space, the fundamentals, and how it works.

But I didn’t know where or how to pivot.

There came Tech SEO: Tired night.

“Let me try.”

That was the statement.

That day whose date I couldn’t remember, I got back from work, exhausted.

I hadn’t cooled off with the shower when I surfed into the LinkedIn app.

Rubbing up against my thumb on the screen, I came across Chima’s post where she rants about the injustice BIPOC faces in the marketing industry 

Her CTA was to fill out a form to join a Tech SEO internship

The post has been up for 15 hours and I doubt if I’d get the slot as many, I assumed, would have applied.

“Will I make the 10”, biting my lower lips, I asked myself.

Though the pecks weren’t clear, I decided to try. I sincerely told my story and hit Submit.


I was selected as one of the FCDC Tech SEO cohort 1 interns.

On the 9th of March, 2022, I was having a bad day so I left my computer at home and went to see a friend so I could clear my head.

I was there – barely gisting with the guys when I reached out for my phone. 

Randomly toggling between LinkedIn and Instagram, looking for where to get life’s fresher perspective.

I saw an email notification, so I switched. 

Here comes an email from FCDC, it read:

“I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected to be part of the FCDC Entry Level Tech SEO Training in partnership with Aleyda Solis.

For the next three weeks, you’ll be taking the following steps;

– Take the Blue Array SEO course

– Take the Semrush Tech SEO course

– Familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of tech SEO under

– Take note of anything you don’t understand so you can raise it up with Aleyda.

You’ll have your first class with Aleyda around mid-April. Between now and then, I’ll be checking up on you regularly to see how things are going.

Here’s a promotional image, in case you want to make an announcement.

Congratulations once again.”

FCDC Tech SEO promotional image
FCDC Tech SEO promotional image

Instantly, my mood switched to a lighter one. I called a friend who also made the list, “Debby, check your email,” I said.

Chima selected you. I’d seen her picture on the promotional image.

She was happy too.

Then the Tech SEO work began.

We had lots of readings to do. 

Two courses from Semrush and Blue Array, then an extensive reading from Aleyda’s learning SEO platform.

I started by reading about learning SEO but it was very exhaustive, so I decided to keep it as my resource. I bookmarked the page.

Then headers to the Blue Array SEO course. I was diligent enough to watch the almost 70 videos in two weeks, with practice exams after each, and I passed.

SemRush Academy Tech SEO certificate
SemRush Academy Tech SEO certificate


Then I took that Semrush course and passed too.

BlueArrays Academy Tech SEO certificate
BlueArrays Academy Tech SEO certificate

Passed Tech SEO courses, now what?

I was scared. 

“With the extensive information I’ve been bombarded with in the past week, should I still be this lost?”

That was me, asking myself.

I had the certificates but neither clarity nor direction to move next.

But Chima was always a step ahead of me in planning. She knew what she wanted. Her strategic foresight is 100%.

Here’s an excerpt of the email she sent:

“From next week, I’ll be inviting someone from the tech SEO industry to come to speak with you for 30mins and answer any questions you might have.

This will be weekly.

They’ll share their journey into Tech SEO and you can use that as inspiration to guide your journey

Our first guest is Crystal Carter, the head of SEO communications at Wix.”

“Yeeeeeesssssss!!!,” I shouted, “this is what I’m talking about.”

“Crystal Carter, head of SEO communications at Wix,” I smiled, “Dope.”

The Tech SEO story session with Tech SEO Industry Leaders.

Crystal Carter was first. Her energy and smile warmed my heart. Crystal represents her name, she shines like ice.

Telling her story here would blow off my word count. I’ll just state the lessons learned.

As we embarked on our journey as Tech SEOs;

We should;

  • Pay attention to the happenings and trends in the industry 
  • Get involved in the happenings and lend a voice no matter what
  • And as much as we do these, we should show what we’re doing, and not only tell. That way, we’ll be building in public.

With these, we will always appear to be in training. 

She’s right. Learning is life. And sharing.

She also recommended that we follow experts in the industry to get involved.

Immediately, I connected with her on Twitter and LinkedIn, and I began growing my Tech SEO network.

Then we had Areej AbuAli, founder of Women in Tech SEO, and the session was enlightening. At this point, I had gotten so engrossed that I am immediately digesting the information, and forgetting to write it on my notepad.

Then Simon Schneiders, CEO Blue Array, UK. I was just going with the flow and enjoying each session as they lasted more than the planned 30 minutes. 

Again, Simon gifted us 50 slots for the SEO Manager course. Thanks, buddy.

Then, we had Miracle Inameti-Archibong. Oh sweet. Very relatable story. With Mira, I knew I was going to speak at a Tech SEO event someday.

Wait for it.

Chima has done it. I’ll do it too.

Now, what’s next. Again.

Consolidation classes with Aleyda Solis.

Truth is, I can’t wait to learn from this brain. 

Everyone knows Aleyda, little is what I can say to spotlight her.

Looking forward to learning from her in the next 3 months.

What I noticed.

Everyone is willing to help us through this journey. 

From the organizations giving us free access to their premium courses and services to people investing their hard-to-keep time to share their stories with us, everyone just wants to help. I can’t mention names. The list is inexhaustive.

What more can we “seen- as” marginalized people say: Thanks. Thank you for everything.

And to Chima, you’re a queen, for starting this movement. I’m gonna keep the fire burning.

I’m sure other interns will too.

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