From Hobby to Career Fulfilment, my Short Story

content marketing
content marketing

Growing up, I didn’t know what I loved. I think I enjoyed writing. The only reason is that aside from eating, writing is the only thing you’ll not ask me to do, and I’ll do it. I would volunteer anywhere I would have the opportunity to write. “It’s my pen, I can do whatever I want with it.” That’s the drive. I would spend hours scribbling stories and poems at the back of my notebooks, Mrs Babarinde would punish me for not being orderly, but who cares? I didn’t dream I would one day write for a living.

But life gets more complicated, I began to realize that writing was my only path to peace, with myself, and anyone. And from peace, it became a viable career path for me. In my 2010 Engineering graduate class, I’m sure it’s just me, BabT and Demola, that choose this content career path. Most of my other classmates now work in multinational companies, Engineering firms and Federal and State ministries, those are the good boys.

I’m glad sapa didn’t make me lose my passion for writing. I’m glad I continued to write in my spare time, even while walking the streets of Lagos doing data collection, and eventually, I began sharing my work online. To my surprise, people from all over the world began reading and commenting on my writing, and I even started receiving offers to write for SMEs. With each success, I felt a glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, my pen could take me far away into another country, and it did.

Today, I am a full-stacked Digital Marketing Consultant, from SEO Analyst To Data Analytics, Content Marketing etc. I’m not successful yet, but I’m a great work in progress. I’m making a comfortable living with writing and I’m proud. Even though I do live not in Lagos, Abuja where the “sweets” happens, thanks to the internet, I’m able to connect with clients from all over the world.

In this story, I skipped one major part. That’s mentorship.

Two friends mentored me to become the writer and digital marketer that I am today. In everything you do, please never ever underestimate the power of mentorship, that word in practice has the strength to take you from “no-where” to “now-here” – if you picture your future very rightly.

Because I’ve been there, and done that. I’m working closely with another mentor – Abdulganiy to hold you by the hands, and teach you content marketing, so that you can help brands increase their brand awareness, improved their Search Engine Rankings, enhanced their customer engagement, do cost-effective marketing, and improve their business ROI. You can literally grow any business with content marketing.

Not just for brands, you can also do these for yourself. Let’s guide you on how to.

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